5 European investment ideas to make profit online free new business ideas

The Internet has made boundaries irrelevant and this has given us wonderful opportunities to invest in any part of the world. Further, we can also get good returns from our investment. Earlier, people have much opportunity for investment. Thus, they preferred to keep them in banks. But today, individuals have plenty of options to invest online for extra earnings. Just like other countries, Europe also has multiple online investment opportunities. The following points thus illustrate how you can invest your money online in European destinations.

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50 European investment ideas to make profit online free new business ideas, new business ideas, online business ideas, steps to starting a business, aabaco small business, Not every entrepreneur starts out with a specific idea in mind. And with so many small business ideas, finding the right one is easier said than done. It may seem like all of the good business
online business ideas, new business ideas, steps to starting a business, aabaco small business

1. Peer to Peer lending platforms

Peer to peer lending money has become prominent among investors. Here lenders directly provide the loan to the borrowers without being intervened by any financial institution or bank. It offers a win-win situation for both parties. While the former makes money through the accumulated interest rate in their deposit until the payback period, the laughter gets his / her work done by the issued loan. Some of the best p2p lending platforms are – Mintos, Bondone, Grupeer, Fast invest, etc. Fast invest among them is one of the best and easiest p2p platform. The minimum investment balance here is just 1 euro. It is for everyone and offers interest rates of up to 14% with loan buyback guarantee.

2. Online stock trading

Online trading has become easier and faster with free / paid mobile and web applications and portals. Stock trading means trading of securities, stocks and financial instruments like equities, mutual funds, and commodities. Online trading has reduced the tedious paperwork with just one click. We can do trading easily from home or anywhere. The only

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requirements are deposit fees, Demat account, and trading account. Some of the best-reputed trading platforms in Europe are Saxo Bank, which is a Danish investment bank; DEGIRO with is the Dutch discount broker; and XTB which is the European Forex and CFD broker.

3. Equity Crowdfunding

The European equity crowdfunding allows you to invest in reputed European companies and gain profits from dividends. Not just investors, these platforms also help startup companies in Europe raise funds by connecting to a group of investors. Once you invest in any company you hold a portion of its share and hence whatever profits it achieves will be distributed by the company to its shareholders. The equity crowdfunding websites provide you with sufficient guidance to invest in stocks and share of different companies.

Some of the best European crowdfunding sites are:

Symbid (Netherlands)

Ulule and kisskissBankBank (France)

Gote (Spain)

Seedrs, Funding Circle and Crowd cube (UK) and many more.

4. Property crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding websites take a deposit amount from you and based on that suggests you investments that can give you maximum profits. It allows you to invest in third-party real estates. The profit from crowdfunding websites is gained through monthly rental value or property sold value. It is considered as safest and has the lowest risk for investors. Guidelines are different for real estate sector in different countries in Europe. Some of the European property crowdfunding platforms are:

  • Housers – Italy and Spain
  • Property Moose – UK
  • Property Partner – UK
  • iFunded – Germany
  • Bulkestate – Estonia

5. Cryptocurrency Trading

Investment in cryptocurrency for trading is the latest way to gain profits. Bitcoin is the best crypto coin to trade. First, open a brokerage account at a firm which allows investment via Cryptocurrency then deposit funds from the bank to brokerage account. After that, you can buy stock using deposited funds and gain money by selling the stocks. But laws and regulations are different from different countries. Most Popular Bitcoin and Crypto Investing Sites in the UK and Europe is eToro. At present,

Cryptocurrency is very volatile. So we should be very careful while engaging with them.


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