Are the episodes of love death and robots connected

A trailer for Love, Death & Robots released last month was a warning to viewers that they weren’t in Disneyland any more. Sonnie is a “pilot”, combatants who are hooked up to monsters called “beasties“, who duke it out in staged fights. Sonnie’s Edge is also

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representative of the realistic style several of the episodes are rendered in. But the writing is as sharp as it is in their films, and little subtlety even in the best episodes. Also, be a corrective — possibly an over-corrective — for the tragic shortage of animation for mature audiences (outside of comedy series) in the West

Artificial skin improves robots’ sensory abilities

Terrible toons: ‘Love, Death & Robots

This 18-part Netflix animated anthology series offers NSFW thrills. It was created by ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller and David Fincher is executive producer

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