Madagascar hosts 6th edition of monthly literary event by Indian Embassy

Antananarivo [Madagascar], Nov 5 (ANI): Four renowned poets read out their translations of Indian poems in French and Malagasy at a monthly literary program organized by the Indian Embassy in Madagascar here.

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During the sixth edition of LaLitTana last Wednesday, four renowned poets Folly K, Tsiky, Fanja Rakotondrainibe and Andrea Lalatiana read their Malagasy and French translations of Indian poems.
It is for the first time that Indian literature has been translated into Malagasy.
LaLitTana provides a platform for the young Malagasy poets and writers to share their literary works.

On this occasion, Ambassador Abhay Kumar also shared his new poems ‘Jai Hind Jai Madagascar’ which calls “India and Madagascar as twin brothers born from the same mother” and “Lemur’s Eyes” written during his stay in Madagascar. (ANI)

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